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Homemade Solar Cells Guide

A solar cell is type of cell which can convert light from sunlight into electricity. The other term that commonly being used for solar cells is photovoltaic cells. Normally we have not seen only a solar cell stand itself alone, but a group of solar cells must stand and combine together in order to produce a large amount of electricity.These solar cells can be fabricated from a few different materials. The most traditional and common material used in the solar cells are amorphous, single crystal and multi crystalline materials. All of these materials are known as silicon. All of these materials also are in a group of semi-conductor. As semi-conductors being used in solar cells, it allow the light energy from the sun to be converted into electrical energy and then store the electrical energy and finally control the flow of that electrical generated energy.The energy flows through it is as a current and metal contacts attached at the top and bottom the solar cells can help the energy to be transferred in. Those top and bottom metal contacts will draw out the energy from the solar cell. Many cells joined together and connected by metal wiring will help the solar cells to create greater amount of usable electrical energy.This is actually a theoretical example and explanation on what goes on in a solar cell, and there are more actions and considerations that can be taken out when the cells is in reality. These all must have to be accounted when we try to construct our own solar panels.Unfortunately, the only energy absorbs by the material used in that solar is visible energy produced by the sun. The light that absorbs to the solar cells have different wavelength. In order for the cell to absorb the light a photon from the light wavelength need to be paired enough with the electron in the cell itself. The photon must have enough energy to ensure these pairs can occur. Without having enough energy the photon will never pairs with an electron in those solar cells.


Current research development is examining a few different ways and type materials that can be used to force the solar cells to absorb more energy then become cheaper. The demand on solar cells is increasing lead to further studies on how solar cells system works.

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Advantages of Using Solar Cells at Home


There are so many benefits that can be gained from a homemade solar cells product. So, what are the benefits of this homemade solar cells products? Firstly, when you use the your own homemade solar cells at home as a source of energy of course your home electricity bill will automatically decrease. Why you need to pay more for currently high cost of electricity where you can have your own electric generator at home?

Secondly, solar cells powered electrical devices installation only use a small range of wiring. You will be able to use it for lamps throughout your park or garden without need a complicated wiring. You do not have to worry about the wiring installation. Once again you can save the cost as the cost wiring for the solar cell is very cheap.

Let us continue with the other benefits of homemade solar cells. As has been discussed, solar cell is an environmental friendly electrical generated device. This solar cells will only produce a renewable and clean type of electrical energy. Thus, the pollution will not happen compared to as we use other type of energy generated devices. Homemade solar cells systems does not  require a lot of maintenance. No need for you to worry about recurring cost or any extra additional cost.

By using homemade solar cells device at home, you will be able to save a lot of money for a long run of time. Electrical energy generated from the sunlight is totally free. Only for one time cost you need to purchase parts for your homemade solar cells panel. Even there are also some financial incentives from the government that can be used to reduce or cut your cost and as you do not use much energy, you can sell that extra electrical energy back to your utility company. Supply and demand of fuel also will no longer affect you at home.

Power outages will not happen and affect your home if you have a full set of solar system at home. When you have your own homemade solar cells at home, you will no longer depends on foreign sources of electrical energy.

Currently there are so many different types of solar home devices that has been introduced in the market. You may also want to consider to buy a solar powered solar flashlights, car ventilator, video cameras, heaters, mosquito inhibitors, pool purifiers, radios and fountain pump.

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Simple Steps on Creating Your Homemade Solar Cells


Nowadays fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas are being used up to fulfill many human needs. As the result of that usage all of them are now becoming only available in a very limited supply.  As a result we must look to solar power as an alternative source of energy. In fact, many people have begun to build their own homemade solar cells and have even started using these solar cells to produce electricity for their homes and increasingly their workplaces.   Homemade solar cell systems are also ideal to use on farms where electricity from a power company is not readily available.

Solar cells generated energy is a type of renewable energy. Compared to the other type of energy it is more abundant and there is no reason for it to be run out. Solar energy also will never produce pollution to our environment. Pollution may lead to the occurrence of global warming which means that by using solar cells may help us to take care of our environment and our earth will not be in danger.

With a combination of a few or more solar cells, we will be able to produce our own solar power. There is an uncomplicated method that can be used to create the cells. In order to create a solar cell what we need to do is to obtain silicon from a type of chemical called silicon dioxide. We need to ensure the silicon that we want to use free from any impurities. By placing it in a very hot furnace and heating it up, we will be able to get 99% pure silicon where we need it to create our own homemade solar cell.

Secondly what we need to do is to make crystallization to the silicon. As a step for crystallization the 99% pure silicon that we obtain before must be reheated up until the melting point reaches then boron is mixed up together. The combination of that crystallized silicon and boron will change the silicon to the positive charges material.

The positively charged silicon can now be cut into a few sheets which is every sheet size are around 200 to 300 microns. To make the silicon sheet become negatively charged they are all dipped thoroughly into chemical water. Then a layer called a ‘layer of anti reflection’ need to be put in order to make t he cells become dark.

The final step of developing homemade solar cells is to install the conductors. Either aluminum or silver can be used to ensure the cell able to conduct electricity. As for a solar panel we need to group all the solar cells. By grouping all of them together we are now have a solar powered energy device that can be used to generate to us electrical energy.

There are so many people are now build their own homemade solar cells. This lead most of them to produce their solar generated energy. Through the usage of solar generated electrical energy, they can save their money, people also may now able to conserve the diminishing supply of fossil fuels.

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